What is that?.. Itsa Bobo

Glass covered in handcrafted art and sealed with a glass like epoxy for a smooth finish. Each Itsa Bobo is intended to make your eyes smile. Some Itsa Bobos will share stickers but you will never find two Itsa Bobos that are exactly the same.

It’s stylish. It’s glass. Itsa Bobo.

Stare at them all day long. Itsa Bobo was created to let consumers enjoy a stylish elevation. Show off your Bobo it was made to be admired. Follow the IG for new pieces. 


Beautiful, lit, spicy, trendy, and always classy. Shop products to find your style.


Created around thick glass and sealed with a glass like epoxy for extra protection.


Handcrafted for a completely unique look. Darling, nothing compares to an Itsa Bobo!.

One Of A Kind

Each BoBo is a one of a kind.